How to Develop a Website in 10 Minute

How to Develop a WordPress Website in 10 Minutes

Welcome guys! In this guide, I will show you how you can quickly develop a website in just 10 minutes. After reading this post, you’ll be able to develop any kind of website by using drag and drop. So don’t take this post out and read it till the end to learn how to do website development. The video you will find below the post, and which has already gained an enviable number of views thanks to the wholehearted help of our friends from The Marketing Heaven, is a valuable addition to the text, and will certainly make this guide more receptive to you.

Let’s start developing a website. We will do this website development in just 5 steps.

1: Choose a Domain Name for Your Website

In the first step choose the name for your website.  For searching your domain name availability go to Whois. Search your desired domain name and if the domain name is available, get the name for your website.

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2: Get Domain and Hosting

You can go to the to get hosting and domain for your website. The hosting and domain are the two things that we need for launching a website.

Hosting is the place where websites files will be stored and the domain is the name of a website. To get hosting and domain, Godaddy is very good to buy them.

So let’s get started. Enter the same name which you choose earlier. So I’m going to enter and then click search and continue.

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Now you can see here, that we’re getting the domain for 699 rupees for the first year. Now let proceed to check out. 

Now Godaddy will ask you to log in, so let click create an account and fill in the details. So, guys, this is going to cost around 699 rupees per year and the plan will be valid for one year. Let’s place your order and make the payment.

Now we have complete the payment and we’ve got a domain and hosting. Let’s go to step 3 which is to install WordPress.

3: Install WordPress

We are going to use WordPress because it makes it very easy to develop a website without knowing any programming and coding.

Let’s install WordPress, just scroll down, and then click manage WordPress.  

installation of WordPress website

Click on get started.

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After that, select the domain and click next, then again click next and now enter the username and password for WordPress.

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 You will need this to log in to WordPress. So I am going enter my name and password and click install. WordPress is installed.

Wordpress website development dashboard

This is our WordPress dashboard and from here we will be able to control your website. Now if you want to access your WordPress dashboard again, just simply go to your website address and type/login. Once you reach your dashboard this means your website is live.

To check that, go to your website address and you can see our website is live. Next in order to easily add data into your website, install a new theme.

4: Install a New WordPress Theme

The new theme I’m going to install is called Astra. To install a WordPress theme in your WordPress dashboard click on themes. Now click add new and search for Astra in the search bar. Just click install and click activate, the theme is activated.

 Next, we are going to install all WordPress plugins which come with this theme. By installing these plugins, we will be able to easily customize our theme. To install a plugin, in your WordPress website dashboard let’s go to plugins and then click add new and then search for the plugin called Astra at Install this plugin and activate it.

wordpress plugins development

This plugin has a set of designs for your website which you can choose and then applied to your website. To see those designs let’s click on see the library.

wordpress plugins library

Now you can choose any design you like. Choose the design and you can see how your WordPress website will look like. If you want to apply this design to your WordPress website just click install plugins and then click import this website. Design and demo content will be imported into your website. Once it’s done, we can now see the website.

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As you can see the demo has been imported into your website and this is how it looks. You can also see these other pages which also has demo content. So once you have got the design in your website, you can now go to the final step which is to edit the content.

5: Editing the Demo Content

To edit any page of a WordPress website, you have to go into that page and click edit with elementor. If you want to edit the home page, you simply click home and then click edit with elementor.

wordpress elementor development

Now you’re going to the setting section. So let’s say you want to change the text on your website. You just select the text and then start typing anything you want and this will work throughout the WordPress website.

If you want to change any image on your website, just click on the image and drag and drop the image and click on save. Once you are done with the changes you can simply save the page by clicking on the save button and all changes will be saved at cheap short term loans online.

You can view the page by clicking on the view page, so you can see that all the changes are here. Now you know how we can edit any page of your WordPress website.

Changes in Header & Footer of Your Website:

Let’s take a look at how you can change the header or the footer area of your WordPress website. If you want to make the change in the header of your website, you can do that by going to the customize option. Check here So let’s go to customize and now you can see that there are some blue icons.

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Now if you want to change the logo and the menu section, you can make these changes by clicking these icons. So everything can be edited by using these blue icons and this will be the same in the footer area also.

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Let’s see if you want to change the text in the footer. Just click the blue icon and start typing anything you want. Once you are done with the changes, just click publish and it will be published on this WordPress website.

So we saw how to edit the header and footer area. Now, what if you want to add a new page. It’s very simple. All you need to do is in your WordPress dashboard click on Add new page. Another way of page creation is by using templates. The templates are ready-made pages which you can import into your website. That is it guys this is how you can add new pages to your website and now you know how a web designing and development company in Lahore is working.

Now after reading this post you know

  • How we can launch a website.
  • How to get a domain and hosting.
  • How to do WordPress installation and configuration.
  • How to import the demo content and then added to make your own website.


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